Hello fellow Norsemen,

In this post we will be going over the winners for each of our leaderboards. Every month we give out store giftcards to players for achieving top 3 positions on various leaderboards which can be checked ingame using the command /TOP


Vote. for the server. every day to get. free rewards such as flight time, store coupons (20% chance), money, vote keys, and sell boosts. You can use the command /vote to find all necessary information.

The top voters of april 2020 are:

🏆#1. goxy88 - 341 Votes. ($25 Giftcard)
🏆#2. diamondkid300 - 331 Votes ($20 Giftcard)
🏆#3. Pungo702 - 321 Votes. ($15 Giftcard)



If you are an experienced Skyblock player, you understand the importance of Sugar Cane in the server's economy. But not only can you make a lot of money from this precious cash crop, you can also earn store giftcards by simply farming it.

The top 3 players who broke the most sugar cane are:

🏆#1. Biggysmallsman - 1,910,000 Sugar Cane ($50 Giftcard)
🏆#2. Mineradio12 - 1,300,000 Sugar Cane ($25 Giftcard)
🏆#3. diamondkid300 - 1,290,000 Sugar Cane ($15 Giftcard)



Killing players rewards you with Skulls. Skulls are very important and can be used to buy a lot of amazing rewards from the skulls shop. Gain a lot of skulls each month to earn a spot on the /skulltop leaderboard.

🏆#1. voivode - 5,010 Skulls ($50 Giftcard)
🏆#2. NightReaper52 - 4,970 Skulls ($25 Giftcard)
🏆#3. Mooseman_Smith - 3,640 Skulls ($15 Giftcard)

See you next month!