Welcome everyone,
We are very excited to announce the release of our second skyblock server, Classic Skyblock on August 13th, Thursday 2PM EST. The name was chosen because of two reasons: the realm is greek themed, & more importantly, it is a classic skyblock experience unlike Earth Skyblock which features our own spin on the gamemode.


➦ 1.16
➦ Eula-Compliant
➦ Simplified gameplay
➦ New Spawners: Piglin & Zoglin (custom drops)
➦ Added nether stars to Misc Shop
➦ Removal of Dashboard Villager
➦ Tutorial NPC added
➦ Classic skyblock starter island
➦ Magic Boxes
➦ Mob Orbs
➦ Black Market
➦ Sell Wands, Explosive Tools, & Harvester Hoes
➦ Major performance optimizations
➦ Three parkour courses in /spawn
➦ Permanent Minions
➦ Minebits
➦ Island Levels (Decreased prices & new perks)
➦ Island Worth (replacement for Island Points & Cubes)
➦ Hermes, Ares, Poseidon, & Zeus Ranks
➦ Collections/Leaderboards
➦ PvP Arena, KoTH, & LPS
➦ Balanced economy with custom mob drops
➦ Skulls Shop
➦ Minebits currency
➦ Quest Changes
➦ Re-designed /is menu
➦ 25,000 x 25,000 nether world
➦ Spawner & Mob stacking

As our two other realms, Classic Skyblock is meant to be a long-term experience for our players with as fewest resets as possible. We also plan to release updates on a bi-weekly basis starting after release. Features you can expect later on include daily quests & bosses.


Similar to how original skyblock servers are, the island worth is entirely based on ore blocks & spawners placed. The islands leaderboard is based on island worths. You can check your island's worth using /is.


We will be giving away 3x Zeus ranks on Discord soon. Keep an eye out on #giveaways channel @ discord.minefun.org

See you on Thursday!