Hello everyone, it's time for a new season of Skyblock. This will mostly be a quality of life update with a lot of bug fixes and a major revamp to how we do island levels. This season, top islands were faced with the challenge of being unable to gain more points due to the cube limit barriers which we are abolishing this season among many other important changes.

⏰Season 4 will release on Sunday September 13th at 2PM EST

Payout information:


➦ Major optimizations & crash fixes
➦ 25,000 x 25,000 explorable nether world
➦ Abolished cube limits. Re-vamped island levels accordingly
➦ Buffed spawners & tweaked crop prices
➦ Added coinflips
➦ Added lottery
➦ New Promotional Egypt Crate
➦ Fixed island crop upgrade
➦ Fixed cosmetics giving error "Could not get player data"
➦ Tweaked Minebits tools category
➦ Merged Mob Orbs into Skulls
➦ Fixed island hopper counting problem
➦ Added Piglin & Zoglin spawners
➦ Fixed KoTH placeholders broken in scoreboard
➦ Added sorting wands
➦ Re-designed /island menu
➦ Backend permission & rank cleanup & sorting
➦ Fixed a voting exploit
➦ Fixed villager spawners not spawning villagers
➦ Fixed players being stuck on quests eventhough objectives are completed
➦ Fixed cobblestone generators not giving correct ore chances
➦ Fixed spawner counting problems on islands
➦ Revamped daily monk rewards
➦ Fixed having legacy set effects in duels
➦ Fixed spawners not dropping from mining with netherite pickaxe
➦ Fixed events crate preview not showcasing the correct reward pool
➦ Fixed justice set not giving described effects
➦ Fixed invisibility in KoTH
➦ New exclusive rewards in Skulls shop
➦ Added autocraft chests to the store
➦ Added Chunk Hoppers to the store
➦ New quests tag
➦ Fixed /trade not working
➦ Bosses & boss gear


Increased spawner profits by 150% and re-balanced crop selling prices. this is to address the complaint that spawners were not worth their prices in comparison to crop farming.

Two new spawners have been added to the spawner shop, Piglin & Zoglin similar to Classic Skyblock.

Crop farming automation is still disabled.


We re-added parkour maps in the spawn. There was an exploit that caused crashes and it has now been patched.


If you purchased a  Rank, you will be able to claim your rewards again! (Boosters, Cash bonuses, & island radius/slots increase)

Use the command /RECLAIM after the new season is released to get your bonuses.

If you have an item with the following lore you will be able to move it over to the new season by typing /norse or /fun and placing the item in the inventory.


Default: 1 Row
Zombie: 2 Rows
Blaze: 3 Rows
Wither: 4 Rows
Dragon: 5 Rows