Hello fellow Vikings,
We have released a lot of updates this week! We have also altered different mechanics to balance out the gameplay and improved some aesthetics.

Last Viking Standing

Bored or tired from grinding your island? Take a break by playing our brand-new minigame event Last Viking Standing.

How to play:  All players will be teleported to an arena. When the game starts,  there will be a 30 second grace period during which you can get ready for fighting. After the grace period is over, it . is free-for-all. The last three players to survive will become first, second, and third place.

Armor: You will be given a pre-configured kit whenever you join LVS so you don't have to worry about losing your own items!

Schedule: There is an LVS event every 4 hours on both servers.

  • /lvs join: Join the arena (You will be able to join when there is less than 5 minutes left before the game starts)
  • /lvs leave: Leave the arena

Player Shops Directory

We heard your suggestions and we decided to release a Player Shop directory! You can now list all chest shops created by players. The shops are divided into categories such as minerals, blocks, mob drops, farming/food, misc, etc.

Each item will say in the lore how many player shops are created for it. After selecting an item, all player shops for it will be listed in a GUI. The Buy Price signifies the amount of money that someone is willing to pay you for 1x of that item. The Sell Price signifies the amount of money that someone is selling that item to you for.

** Inside the blocks shop you will also find Infinity Blocks player shops.

Is there an item that we missed that you would like to see in the Player Shops Directory? Make sure to let us know in the #suggestions channel on Discord!

Command: /shop --> Player Shops OR /pshops

Infinity Blocks Revamp

We have decided to change the way that Infinity Blocks function in order to balance out the server's economy and diversify the different ways that players use to generate income.

Infinity Blocks' main function is to gain Raw Granite, Magic, & Runes. The three ingredients needed to craft Runestones.

These three items will be automatically deposited into . your account! This means you no longer need tens of chests to hold physical raw granite and you no longer need to manually move the granite to your inventory in order to buy Runestones.

** Use /infinity to check how many items you have.

Visit /runestones to start spending your Raw Granite, Magic, and Runes.

BETA Skulls Shop

You can now start spending all those skulls that you have been earning and saving!
We released a very early stage of the Skulls Shop that we plan to expand later on and alter the prices when needed.

To access the skulls shop, use the command /skulls. The Skulls shop is only available on Skyblock now and it will be released on Survival soon after the BETA stage is over.