Top Island Point Gainers - Top Voters - Biggest Updates


This month has been full of new exciting updates and large expansions of our network. We have implemented a multitude of optimizations to ensure that we continue to provide smooth gameplay and have rolled out interesting new features. Let's get into them!


Every month we reward the top 3 Island Point Gainers with PayPal and Giftcard rewards! Here is the breakdown for March 2020:

Top Islands Leaderboard - /is top

This month, the top three islands were infact also the top 3 gainers from February!
🏆#1 Keker - 131,020 Points (+82,527) - $200 PayPal & $75 Giftcard
🏆#2 BeanVille - 45,102 Points (+31,952) - $100 PayPal & $50 Giftcard
🏆#3 VibeVille - 40,494 Points (+31,450) - $50 PayPal & $25 Giftcard

You think you have what it takes to be a top gainer this month? Rewards are awaiting you!


We are also rewarding our top 3 voters with webstore giftcards. Make sure you vote every day in order to place on this leaderboard.

Voting will reward you with money, XP, Vote Keys, and a chance to win /fly time.

🏆#1 Bluete - 382 Votes - $25 Giftcard
🏆#2 clukelucas - 324 Votes - $20 Giftcard
🏆#3 A_Random_Noob1 - 320 Votes - $15 Giftcard


The economy on Skyblock has been re-balanced. Spawners have new balanced prices and new custom drops (for example, a Villager now drops 1x Emerald and 1x Magma Cream). Additionally, mob drops price were also balanced (and for the most part, increased).

To make mob grinding even more valuable, we have introduced a new system called Mob Orbs. You will now earn 1-2 Orbs per mob kill. Any hostile mob will drop 2 orbs while passive mobs will drop 1 orb. Use those orbs to initiate a Daily Spin at /orbs

  • The KING rank allows you to spin 3 times a day instead of once!
View the possible spin rewards using /orbs


We heard your suggestions to make Runestones more easily accessible. The prices for Infinity Blocks have been cut by 40%-50%. Additionally, there is now a notification whenever you earn Raw Granite, Magic, or Runes. This notification also works when your Elves are mining the infinity blocks.


You can now get valuable ores from your Cobblestone Generators. Each Generator tier is unlocked based on the amount of Island Points that your Island has. The chances for valuable ores such as Diamond and Emerald are increased with each tier.

View all the different tiers and their requirements by using the command /gen


Create your own warp on Survival to get traffic to your creations! Built a shopping mall? Have a public grinder? Or simply want to show off your amazing builds? Set up a warp using /pwarp set <name> and it will be available for everyone at /pwarp!

Each Global Rank unlocks the ability the create even more warps.

Like a warp? Rate it using /pwarp rate to make sure that other players know if it is worth teleporting to or not!


The Value and Vote crate on Skyblock have been revamped to offer new and worthwhile rewards. For example, you may now win 50 Thor Runestones, 20 Odin Runestones, a Rank Upgrade, Fly Time, Money, and more from the Value Crate. The Spawners crate also has new rewards such as the Endermite and Creeper spawners ad the lower-tier spawners are buffed (you may now win 3x Cow Spawners instead of just 1).  The Vote crate is scheduled for a revamp today and will more information will soon be released.

On Survival 1.15, we have revamped all the crates. Value, Spawners, Vote, and Cosmetics. Make sure you check out the new rewards by using the command /crates then clicking on the crate that you wish to preview.


Bored? Want a chane to double your money? (or potentially lose it?) Look no further. Create a game using /coinflip <amount> <heads/tails>

Any player with enough money will be able to play your game. If you win, congratulations, you just made free money!


The Social Classes system has been removed. We now have a simpler system on all our servers. On Skyblock, you may purchase a player level once you reach all the necessary requirements. These levels will allow you to access a lot of new perks.

Use /levels

On both Survival and Survival Lands, levels are completely based off of playtime. Check your playtime using /playtime. Once you reach the required time, you will be leveled up automatically and will receive the rewards.

Use /playtime
Use /levels

These were the biggest updates in March. There are hundreds of other smaller updates that can be viewed at the #mc-updates channel on our discord server at