Hello Vikings,

It is crazy how fast time has passed! Skyblock was released in January as our first gamemode. It is now time for a new season and a fresh start!

We have learned a lot from our first season. There has been quite a few changes ever since the server released and a lot of optimizations that have been implemented. We are now ready for a more balanced, lag-free, and enjoyable new start.



➦ Island Top (Paid at end of season)
1. $200 PayPal + $75 Giftcard
2. $100 PayPal + $50 Giftcard
3.  $50 PayPal + $25 Giftcard

➦ Sugar Cane Top (Paid Monthly)
1. $50 Giftcard
2. $25 Giftcard
3. $15 Giftcard

➦ Skulls Top (Paid Monthly)
1. $50 Giftcard
2. $25 Giftcard
3. $15 Giftcard



A new season means a complete reset. That includes the following:

  • Balances (Cash, Skulls, XP, Orbs, etc)
  • Islands
  • Inventories
  • Player Vaults
  • Player Levels
  • Quest Progress
  • Statistics (Kills, Deaths, etc)
  • Marriages

The following will not reset:

  • Global Ranks (Merchant, Warrior, Chieftain, King/Queen)
  • Perks purchased from the store such as /fly
  • Traditional Kits purchased from the store
  • Titles purchased from the store
  • Norse Items (These are items from special monthly crates such a the Easter Armor or the Cupid Armor)


Our main goal for this season is stability and balance. We have recently re-balanced the whole spawner system on the server, so that will carry over. The other changes will be:

➦ Pistons will no longer work with farms
➦ Observers have been banned
➦ Sugar Cane sell prices quadrupled to $12/ea
➦ Runestones now sold for money
➦ Added new quests
➦ Discontinued Infinity Blocks
➦ Added Spawner Stacking/Merging
➦ Added Item Stacking/Merging
➦ Recoded & optimized Mob Stacking system
➦ Optimized the Islands system
➦ Reduced boot up time after daily restarts
➦ Fixed several Custom Enchantments not working
➦ New Vote Crate
➦ Discontinued VoteParty, Buffed Vote rewards
➦ Ranked Rewards released in /monk
➦ New Skulls Shop
➦ Fixed Suction Hoppers randomly reverting to normal hoppers
➦ Added new leaderboard system (/top or /leaderboards)
➦ Added VoTH (also known as KoTH) event in Helheim
➦ Added Player Shops to /shop
➦ Added Envoys to Helheim
➦ Removed the Island Dashboard hotbar item
➦ Re-added Concrete to /shop
➦ Quest Rewards now manually claimed
➦ Increased Chat Reaction game reward to $1,000
➦ Added mcmmo stats to /lookup <name>
➦ Added teleportation cooldown
➦ Added Duels (/duel <name>)
➦ Added /reclaim for Global Ranks
➦ Fixed problems with vaults & mcmmo resetting
➦ Added cooldowns to /fix /repair /heal /feed
➦ Buffed Rank Kits
➦ Decreased Island upgrades prices
➦ AFK players will now get kicked (except for King ranked players)
➦  Added /skulls pay <name>
➦  Disabled Villager trading
➦  New  & better Anti Cheat
➦  Fixed instances where the custom ores didn't spawn for cobble generators
➦  Slayer Elves are now 4x faster

➦  Reduced prices of each Magic Box/Sell Chest tier by $10
➦  Added Skulls category
➦  Added Island Radius boosts under the Extras category
➦  Added /fly perk in the Black Market category under Perks
➦  Reduced price of Mythical Hoe 1
➦  Added Mythical Hoe 2 in the Black Market category under Items
➦  Added GOD Title Pack under Titles in the Black Market category

New /vote rewards


The server may have been a bit challenging to newbies, "how to get Runestones?" "what are Infinity Blocks?" so we have decided to simplify the gameplay a bit while maintaining the same level of competitiveness.

Runestones are now fully purchasable using in-game cash. You will no longer need to first purchase Infinity Blocks, collect the three ingredients, then buy Runestones. These extra steps no longer exist.


The Skulls Shop is finally out of BETA! The new shop makes PvPing very rewarding and it allows you to purchase perks that you would otherwise not be able to obtain unless from the server's store.

There are also new items such as the Warlord kit, Autocraft Chest, and the Warlord items.

➦ You may now purchase Skulls from the store and spend them as you wish!
➦ Use /skulls pay <name> to trade Skulls with other players


If you purchase the following items after APRIL 7TH you will get them back once the new season is released:

  • April Crate
  • Value Keys
  • Spawner Keys
  • Money pouches
  • Magic Box II & Magic Box III

If you purchased a Global Rank, you will be able to claim your rewards again! (Boosters, Cash bonuses, & island radius/slots increase)

Use the command /RECLAIM after the new season is released to get your bonuses.

If you have an item with the following lore you will be able to move it over to the new season by typing /norse and placing the item in the inventory.


Default: 1 Row
Merchant: 2 Rows
Warrior: 3 Rows
Chieftain: 4 Rows
King/Queen: 5 Rows

The Norse vault will be opened on April 14th 00:01 AM EST (24 hours prior to the reset)


A new PvP event is here! Every 4 hours there will be a VoTH event at the Helheim realm. You can teleport there using /warp pvp

In order to win, members of an Island will have to stay on the bone blocks (the middle) for 3 full minutes. If they succeed without being knocked out by another Island, they will all win a VoTH crate key.


Our main goal for the Skyblock realm is competition and so we added leaderboards sot hat players can see how well they are doing compared to others!

There is currently four leaderboard types that can be accessed with /TOP:

➦  Mobs Killed Leaderboards (by entity type)
➦  Players Killed Leaderboard
➦  Skulls Leaderboard

➦  Blocks Broken leaderboards (by block type)
➦  Crops Harvested Leaderboards (by crop type)

We now offer giftcard rewards to the top 3 players that have broken the most Sugar Cane and have the most Skulls

You can navigate through the different entity and block types.


Voting is now more rewarding than ever! The new Vote crate has over 20+ Rewards classified into Common, Uncommon and Rare. Some of the new rewards are:

  • Thor Runestones
  • Loki Runestones
  • Odin Runestones
  • Rank Upgrade
  • Sell Boosts
  • Store Coupons
  • Elves
  • Explosive tools
  • Skulls
  • Money
  • Fly Time
  • XP & more!
Get a vote key by using /vote


Since we have banned Pistons & Observers, we are revamping the Mythical Hoes. These hoes will now automatically sell all cane or crops that you break using it. You have to shift-click the tool in order to enable the selling mode.

After that the tool will break crops in a 3x3 area and automatically sell the crops for you. Instant money! We also made the tool available INGAME in the skulls shop as well as on the store so you can get your hands on one without spending money!


We have completely re-coded our Mob stacking system. Additionally, Spawners & dropped items will now stack as well. These changes will allow the server to run smoothly and also improve your FPS and allow you to have way more spawners in a compact area.


You may now duel your friends/enemies by executing the command /duel <name> and it will send a request. You have the option to bet money and if you lose you will lose your bet. You can also bet items! Make sure your inventories are not full prior to accepting/sending a duel request or you might lose your item bet.