Hello everyone, it's time for a new season of Skyblock. As many of you know, last season experienced a lot of changes and most were mid-season and this has helped us pinpoint what we can improve on for this new season. In addition to the changes & updates, we also plan on extending the season length, meaning that season 3 will be longer than the usual 3 months we have done for the past two seasons and we will shy away from changing any mechanics, sell prices, or features mid-season this time.

⏰Season 3 will release on Sunday July 5th at 2PM EST

Payouts will be sent out on July 5th

➦ 😮 Completely updated the server from 1.13.2 to 1.16.1!
➦ Added Minebits currency - This new currency can be used to buy things from the store
➦ Added ingame store
➦ Added two parkour maps
➦ Minions are now permanent instead of being time-limited
➦ Enabled Minion health & hunger
➦ Added Feeder & Seller minions
➦ Re-introduced & revamped island levels
➦ Added Island Roles & Permissions
➦ Added Island Logs
➦ Added Island COOPs
➦ Capped amount of Cubes on islands based on level
➦ Added /exchange - withdraw Skulls, Orbs, Minebits, or Crate Keys into physical notes
➦ Removed Crate Keys from Skulls Shop
➦ Mob drops, ores, & crops sell pricing re-haul
➦ Completely disabled automation for sugar cane (some people got around pistons & observers last season by using water)
➦ New spawn (PvP arena & parkour included)
➦ Moved KoTH to the new PvP arena in spawn
➦ Removed Value & Spawners crates
➦ Added Events, Silver & Gold crates
➦ Added Telepathy custom enchantment
➦ Changed voting rewards
➦ Tweaked solo quests
➦ Tweaked player levels
➦ Tweaked cobble generator chances
➦ Added Magic Box I to the store
➦ Reduced price of island rename token by 75%
➦ Disabled AFK kick
➦ Disabled mcMMO in duels
➦ Added Pot kit to duels
➦ Added /trade - safely trade money, xp, & items with other players without getting scammed


This is perhaps our biggest addition to the network yet. Minebits will be a new global currency that is an equivalent to real-life money. For example, 1 Minebit is an equivalent of $1 in store credit. This means that you can buy store packages using Minebits.

How will I be able to use Minebits?
We added an in-game store which allows you to buy everything that is currently on the store. Use /bits or /bits shop to open the in-game store then navigate through the categories. Be advised that once you buy a package, it will take 5-10 minutes to process.

Can I trade Minebits?
Yes, in fact, you can trade Minebits across servers. Use /minebits pay to trade with others. Your balance is shared across all servers.

Is this replacing skulls?
No, Skulls will remain as a pvp-only currency. Meaning that you will still get skulls by killing other players and you will still be able to buy different perks from /skull shop

Is there going to a Leaderboard?
Yes, there is a Minebits leaderbaord that can be accessed through /bitstop or /minebitstop. There is, however, no payouts.

How can I get Minebits?
You can get bits by voting for the server. That will be the main method of earning this very valuable currency. You will earn 1 cent (0.01 bits) per vote. You can also earn bits from crates & the Wandering Monk. Predictably, the most common method to accumulate a lot of bits will be from purchasing them from other players.


We created a private group with Skyblock's most active players and listened to their feedback on improving the server. Here are the suggestions that we have accepted & implemented:

🤝COOP System
This allows you to be a memeber of multiple islands. An island leader can add a player to the COOP list by using /is coop add <name>. This will give the player build access to the island without them having to leave their other island. The COOP limit per island is going to be 3 players.

🧍Island Roles & Permissions
To allow you to manage your island more freely, we are adding roles that can be applied to island members and also allowing you to tweak their permissions as you please.

The roles:

  1. Co-leader
  2. Admin
  3. Mod
  4. Member
  5. Coop
  6. Guest

The permissions:

  • Ability to invite players to the island
  • Ability to kick island members
  • Ability to set island warp
  • Ability to remove island warp
  • Ability to damage mobs on the island
  • Ability to ban players
  • Ability to unban players
  • Ability to interact with levers, doors, plates, & buttons
  • Ability to coop a player
  • Ability to un-coop a player

⚙️Island Levels
We are re-introducing island levels. This time, levels hold much more importance for the overall gameplay. Leveling up your island will increase its radius, member slots, and cubes limit.

Pricing & limits are subject to change - Prototype

💾Island Vault
This is a shared 27-slot vault that any member of the island can access. Use /is vault anywhere to open the vault.

📘Island Logs
A comprehensive system that allows for transparency. Most actions for the island will be logged in /is logs and will be viewable by all members. Each log entry will include player names & precise dates.

Actions logged:

  • Role changes
  • Permission changes
  • Items added to vault
  • Items taken out of vault
  • Spawners broken/placed
  • Cubes broken/placed
  • Members quits
  • Players invited
  • Members kicked
  • Warp changes


We got rid of the Value & Spawners crate and decided to introduce two new ones that offer more value. Enter the Gold & Silver crates.

The new crates offer the following rewards: Money, Spawners, Cubes, XP, Minebits, Radius Boost, Suction Hoppers, Magic Boxes, Minions, Special Armor, Custom Enchantment Books, mcMMO Credits, & Rank Upgrades


Spawners, Mob Drops, Crops, & Ores have been re-balanced. The new sell prices will be visible once the new season starts (they will not be previewed in this post).

A common complaint was that the top spawners cost too much and gave too little which we have fully addressed in the new season & we have also made it easier for newbies to start progressing through the lower tier spawners.

As last season, crop automation is disabled. We have taken it a step further and stopped water from breaking sugar cane.


Most of you wanted the minions system to change from being time-limited back to permanent. We have decided to do so and will also enable Minion health & hunger.

Each minion, once purchased, will now exist indefinitely. However, each Minion's hunger must be replenished (using cash) for it to continue functioning. Once the minion's hunger is at 0, its health will decrease until it reaches 0 and stops functioning.

Two New Minions
There are two new minion types:

  1. Feeder Minion
  2. Seller Minion

The feeder minion will indefinitely feed the minions nearby, thus making you not worry about manually feeding each minion individually.

The seller minion will sell all items linked to its chest automatically without any delay/cooldown.


We added parkour maps in the spawn.


If you purchase the following items after JUNE 20TH you will get them back once the new season is released:

  • June Crate
  • Value Keys --> Silver Keys
  • Spawner Keys --> Gold Keys
  • Money pouches
  • Magic Boxes

If you purchased a  Rank, you will be able to claim your rewards again! (Boosters, Cash bonuses, & island radius/slots increase)

Use the command /RECLAIM after the new season is released to get your bonuses.

If you have an item with the following lore you will be able to move it over to the new season by typing /norse or /fun and placing the item in the inventory.


Default: 1 Row
Merchant: 2 Rows
Warrior: 3 Rows
Chieftain: 4 Rows
King/Queen: 5 Rows

If you are participating in the build competition, don't worry, you will still be able to build till July 6th. Use /buildcompetition to teleport to your season 2 island once season 3 has been released.

👀 We will not be showcasing all updates on this post as this only a sneak peek. If you want to see everything new, make sure you come on Skyblock on Friday at 2PM EST!