Hello Vikings,
Many of you suggested that we add commands to allow you to check your claims, team information, and your relations. We have been working on those suggestions and today we were finally able to deploy them onto the server.

Tribe Relations

You may now list all the Enemies and Allies of your tribe. You simply have to execute the command /tribe relations (or access it through the main /tribe menu).

/tribe relations

Additionally, we changed our PvP mechanics so that you may only PvP those who are your enemies or are tribe-less.

Enemy & Enemy: PvP allowed any where
Ally & Ally: PvP not allowed anywhere
Tribeless & Tribeless:  PvP allowed anywhere
Tribeless & Neutral:  PvP allowed anywhere
Neutral & Neutral: PvP not allowed anywhere

You will no longer be able to hit anyone on claimed land unless they are your enemy or if they are not in any Tribe.

Tribe Team

List all of your Tribe's team members by using the command /tribe team. If you have the permissions to kick team members, you should be able to Right-Click on a member to instantly kill them.

The lore of each team member will state their Join Date (when they were let into the Tribe), their Last Seen (the last time they logged into the server), and their Role.

/tribe members

Tribe Claims

Lastly, we made it easier to to find your claimed chunks. Forgot to set a home at your base? You can now find its coordinates by executing the command /tribe claims.

Each claimed chunk's lore will have its claimer (who claimed it) and its claim date (when it was claimed).

/tribe claims