Hello everyone,

We just released our first ever promotional crate. You can now purchase a Valentine's Key while it lasts. It will be gone from the store on February 28th 12PM EST, and it will make its return next year.

Click here to get a Valentines Key

▶ Norse Items

The crate introduces our first ever Norse items. These are items that will carry over to new seasons. This means that these items can stay with you for years to come if you take care of them!

Lore of the Cupid Bow in-game

▶ Cupid Armor Set

This set will only ever be available in this crate, so don't miss out in having it! It is a special set that, once fully worn, will give you special powers.
➠ Speed I
➠ Jump Boost I
➠ +50% XP Gain from Mobs
➠ Night Vision I

The effects of a fully equipped Cupid set

DISCLAIMER: You will only be able to win one of the 4 pieces once. So don't worry about winning the same piece over and over again! This is intended to help you unlock the full set as easily as possible.

▶ Valentines Runestone & Infinity Blocks

The lootcrate is also introducing two very exclusive and rare items:  The Valentines Runestone and the Valentines Infinity Block. These can only be obtained through the Valentine's crate.

Valentines Infinity Block:

This is an exclusive Infinity Block that has the following ore chances:

➠ Diamond Ore: 40%
➠ Emerald Ore: 40%
➠ Granite: 20%

INFO: Infinity Blocks are a Skyblock-only feature, meaning that it is not available on Survival and thus the crate is adjusted for the Survival realm with different rewards.

Lore of the Valentine's Infinity Block in-game

Valentine's Runestone

Runestone help alleviate your Island's standing in the global Islands Leaderboard (/is top) and there is no better treat than a custom Runestone that's worth 50 Viking Points!

Place down the Runestone on your island and it will instantly appear in /is points.

Lore of the Valentine's Runestone in-game

▶ Other Rewards

This is a full list of the rewards that can be won by opening the 2020 Valentine's Lootcrate:

➠ $350,000 - $500,000 Money Pouch
➠ 100,000 - 500,000 XP Pouch
➠ 2x Blaze Spawners
➠ 2x Slime Spawners
➠ 2x Enderman Spawners
➠ 1x Iron Golem Spawner
➠ Soul Scroll (Survival Only)
➠ Magic Box II (Survival Only)
➠ Valentine's Runestone (Skyblock Only)
➠ Valentine's Infinity Block (Skyblock Only)
➠ Cupid Bow
➠ Cupid Axe
➠ Cupid Set
➠ Pink Pack (Pink Chat color & Pink Glow color)
➠ Romeo & Juliet Tags
➠ 100 mcMMO Credits
➠ +3 Radius Boot (Skyblock Only)
➠ +1 Chunk Boost (Survival Only)
➠ Unlimited /fly
➠ Random Elf
➠ Permanent 125% XP Boost